A book is always a thoughtful gift because, well, books require thought. Consider this thought-provoking quote by Marcus Cicero, “A room without books is like a body without a soul.”

We recently shared Cicero’s quote on our Facebook page (a place where we share a lot of meaningful and inspirational quotes). Our goal is to spread thoughtful gift ideas throughout our culture in hopes of creating an inspirational gift giving season.

The possibilities are endless when books are in the picture. We believe the point that Cicero was trying to make with his quote was that books enrich the room, taking it to far away places, soaring into new scenes, and continually educating those who open and turn the pages. Books give a room characters, stories, and memories. Similarly, it is our souls that give our body character, stories, and memories. Without a book in the room, the room is bare and stagnant. Conversely, the soul is what gives life to the group of bones and muscles. The brain can function to keep the body breathing and alive, but it would not have personality, decisiveness, nor character.

Fill the rooms with books! Fill your body with soul. Combine the two with Mind Fuel Nest’s great book collection. From self-help books to books full of quotations and cookbooks, there are books that would go great in any room.

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