About Vera Viva (formerly Mind Fuel Nest)

Welcome to Vera Viva, where you can find products to inspire the mind, fuel the self, and enkindle the spirit.

Vera Viva blossomed out of the concept of mindfulness, which is the practice of living deliberately in the here and now to appreciate the present. We provide products that blend seamlessly into your daily life while encouraging moments of pause and reflection through their beauty, originality, and inspirational intent. Whether you actively practice a mindful lifestyle or simply appreciate a thoughtful product, we offer items that support personal growth and fulfillment in everyday life.  

As you browse our website, you’ll find that our goods promote mindful living in one of three ways. They…

  • Inspire the mind
  • Fuel the Self
  • Enkindle the Spirit  

All designs promote mindful living in their design and message. From fashionable bracelets to no-fuss rings, our products were made to encourage, motivate, and help you make the most of each day by instilling a positive perspective and a grateful attitude. Whether you wish to nurture and develop the self or bring more joy into your life, there is something to fit both your personal and practical needs. 

If you’re looking for a specific type of product, you may also peruse any and all of the above under the headings of Jewelry, Apparel, Home and Gifts. Jewelry is filled with a variety of bracelets, rings, pendants, and more, many of which are handmade by skilled artisans. In addition to single items, you may also find collections organized by theme.  In Apparel, we seek to provide comfy and casual garments for both men and women as well as scarves, handbags and easy-to-wear accessories.  Our Home section includes items for decorating and embellishing your space with items that reflect a thoughtful outlook, including art, figurines and accents.  The Gifts section is filled with an array of items curated for a special someone in mind, suitable for occasions both big and small. Feel free to search for gifts by themes-such as inspiration and empowerment- or by relationship.

As you peruse through products, you’ll notice that we’ve listed our favorite Vera Viva Factors for many of our items.

But what is a Vera Viva Factor?

Vera Viva Factors are the features that make each item special. They include such characteristics as “eco-friendly”, “artisan-made”, or “crafted from one-of-a-kind materials”.  Vera Viva Factors not only highlight an item’s distinct qualities, they also encourage mindfulness through deliberate and ethical buying.  No matter what your style, we understand that the journey to becoming a more mindful individual can mean being more thoughtful with your purchases. Knowing what makes a product unique can help you be more conscious, and satisfied, in your buying decisions! 


Who are we?

We are a family owned online retail company operating out of Jersey City in New Jersey. We partner with artists all over the world bringing products that illuminate and inspire. Vera Viva is also happy to partner with many independent artists across the U.S.  To find homegrown designs on our site, simply look for the “(USA)” tag  in the product description.


Why Shop With Us? 

  • Unique, inspiring collection
  • Fast shipping
  • Safe and secure order processing
  • Family-owned business
  • Exemplary customer service


The path to happiness is long yet fruitful. Vera Viva is pleased to help you on your journey towards a life of wellbeing and fulfillment.