Get it done. Get it done today, get it done yesterday. Maybe it’s big, maybe it’s small, usually it’s something you’d rather not do at all.

Often, we are the ones who keep ourselves from getting it done, whatever it may be. We put it off until we can’t possibly put it off any longer. Procrastination is a form of avoidance. Often, we are avoiding something that triggers anxiety or negative feelings. If you’re avoiding getting it done, ask yourself what you are really avoiding. Are you avoiding the possibility of failure? Are you avoiding the discomfort of doing something new or unfamiliar? There are so many underlying reasons we just don’t want to get it done.

The solution to anxiety and fear is to take action, to do the thing we’re afraid of and to realize that it is not so bad after all. So go ahead. Find out what those icky, hidden feelings are behind it and rev yourself up to face them. Start now. If it is something big, start small.

One step at a time.
You got this. 

Pictured Above: Inspirational "Get it done" Stainless Steel Cuff Bracelet