A trendy gift for many women is the gift of meaningful jewelry. Every woman loves to learn she is appreciated by friends and family, but what’s most important is to give her something that reminds herself how great she really is. One of our goals at Mind Fuel Nest is to remind everyone to fuel the self. Keeping your mind healthy and your goals clear are simple ways to succeed. You can give the women in your life this gift with beautiful, silver stacking rings with poetic messages.

I Am Enough

Have some faith in yourself! Or share this faith with your loved ones. It’s a sad truth that women do not feel worthy. Fuel yourself and the selves of the unique women in your life with this simple, silver reminder on your finger: you are enough.

Yes I Can

Don’t let the world tear you down. You can do it! When the bad karma strikes, remember that it is up to you to turn it around. The world can’t tell you no if you are determined. Share this message with your gals by giving the ring as a gift or wearing it to share it with everyone you meet.

Be Happy

All too frequently we forget the simplest of all treasures: happiness. If you’re ever feeling blue, get yourself in front of a mirror and smile at yourself for 30 seconds. You may feel silly at first, but it allows your brain to activate the happy chemicals and brighten your mood.

All of our rings are sterling silver and available in sizes six through ten.