All products sold at Mind Fuel Nest are meant to encourage living in the present and living as your true self. That’s why we try and offer the most unique products that resonate with a positive culture. We know that it’s important to remain inspired and focused on what’s most important. We hope that our products help you feel inspired as you look at, use, or wear your product, but more importantly we hope these products help you find inspirational things everywhere!

If you’re new to Mind Fuel Nest, you’re in luck. Today’s blog is going to feature a few of our inspirational products to get you started. We strive to keep our inventory fresh and full, so if you’re not initially inspired by what we’re featuring here, you can shop all of our inspirational things to find what’s right for you.

“Be Present” Tattoos

Temporary tattoos, of course. MFN offers a a pack of 8 mindful sayings relating to the “Be Present” theme. It’s the foundation we stand on. Stay tuned to the present and make each day the greatest one yet. Tat yourself up to give yourself a physical reminder. We also offer temporary tattoos for healing, empower, goddess, and abundance in our Inspirational Accessories.

Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

MFN offers two books titled Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff, one geared for men and the other for women. In it you’ll find a personal guidebook to releasing the things you can’t control and simple ways to find time for yourself. Remember, stress isn’t sexy!

While we’ve only featured two products, we believe that it’s just enough to get you hooked on feeling great every day! Don’t forget to surround yourself with inspiring things to keep the present truly wonderful.