‘Tis the season for sharing gifts with the ones we love. Mind Fuel Nest specializes in products and gifts that inspire the mind, fuel the self, and enkindle the home. That means that any product you see in our store fits into one of those three categories. This means our store is abundantly overflowing with thoughtful gift ideas. But we’ll take it one step further to help you narrow down your search to the truly meaningful gifts, the ones that will give your recipient genuine joy.

We created a MindFuel Factor. This means it’s one of our favorite products. We tend to mark products as a MindFuel Factor if they have a characteristic that goes above and beyond what the rest of our store has to offer; that is, eco-friendliness, artisan-made, or created with unique, one-of-a-kind materials. Many of our products may fit into more than one of those characteristics or may include a different, unique quality altogether.

To take it one step further, we’ve established certain products as MindFuel because it encourages buyers to be mindful of the product origin, thus creating responsible consumers. Thoughtful gifts start with thoughtful ideas. Thoughtfulness is a characteristic that is actually a compilation of many characteristics. Different people value different characteristics; it is through the careful combination of these characteristics that make different gifts thoughtful for different people. So no matter who you’re shopping for this season, you’ll find that the MindFuel Factor is one characteristic to consider while finding the perfect, most thoughtful gift.

The MindFuel Factor is tagged onto appropriate products in the store, so keep your eye out!

Click here to start browsing and narrow down your thoughtful gift ideas to those that are truly meaningful in more than one way. Enjoy!