Eight Ways To Use Your Scribble Vase

Eight Ways to Scribble It Up

A blank slate means any number of possibilities. The Chalkboard Scribble Vase is just that: a blank slate! Designed with a chalkboard finish that you can wipe clean, there are endless ways to use this darling bit of décor. We've come up with a few ideas for you. 

Personalized Gift
We never met a mom or sweetheart who didn’t appreciate flowers and heartfelt note. Heck, we never met anyone who didn’t love flowers and a note. The chalk vase is a two-in-one for both. Write out a special message for a special someone on the vase and then fill it with their favorite bud or blossom. Tie a ribbon around the bottle’s neck and…voila! You have a personalized gift.

Set the Mood
Determine your mood for the day. Whether it’s “Good Vibes Only” or “You Got This” your vase can be a way to shape your attitude and set the pace for what’s to come. Keep it on your bedside table or nightstand. The night before, write out a can-do statement that you’d like to wake up to. In the morning, you’re greeted with your own custom message.

Miniature Momento
There are days that profoundly change us and there are people we’ll remember forever. These dates and individuals hold a special place in our personal histories. Make the vase a momento by marking it with someone's initials or a date you wish to remember. When that special day comes around or you think of that unique person, fill the vase with a flower.

Pass it Around
Are you hosting a bridal shower or graduation party for someone? Pass the vase around and have folks sign with their initials. Present it to the guest of honor. If it’s your own party, ask your friends and family to sign. Make it a token of all the awesome people who all gathered together for a moment in time.   

Make it Seasonal 
Are you someone who puts out pine branches and paper snowflakes in the winter? When it gets hot, do you decorate with warm colors? We get you. You like to switch it up. You can also switch up the chalkboard vase. Change the look of the vase for every change of the season. For winter, draw holly leaves or snowmen. For summer, doodle watermelons or a beaming sun. Fill with a seasonal flower or plant.

Cheer Up!
Take a medium sized piece of paper (about 5 by 7 inches). Write down positive quotes, blessings, or good memories. Roll up and place inside the vase. On the outside, write “In Case of Emergency.” When you’re having a rough day, take out the note, unroll, and read to yourself. You’ll be glad you did. 

Inspirational Décor
Inspirational quotes aren’t just revelatory. They are also poetic and beautiful to look at. Display your favorite short quote on the chalkboard vase. Wipe clean and write a new quote when you want to shake things up.  

Set a Reminder
Is there a goal you have? A wish you want to make come true? Give yourself a reminder. Set the chalkboard vase on your desk and write out your goals. Or simply put a date that will serve as a personal deadline for a special project or event. Whether it’s one big goal or a short and sweet “To Do” list, the chalkboard vase is a unique and charming way to display what you see for the future. 

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