Mindful Member Rewards Program

Become a Mindful Member and earn points for your next purchase! 

With our membership rewards program, you easily earn points that get converted into store credit. The more points you earn, the more credit you get.

Rewards Program


How Does It Work?

  1. Create an account on Mind Fuel Nest. Joining is absolutely free (and you automatically get 50 points!).
  1. Earn points by shopping, sharing, and following Mind Fuel Nest
  1. Redeem your points for store credit 

How Do I Earn Points?
There are so many easy ways to get points! The rewards are just a click away.

  • Sign Up for a Mindful Membership account (50 Points)
  • Place an order (1 point for every dollar you spend)
  • Follow us on Instagram (100 points)
  • Share on Facebook (50 points)
  • Celebrate a birthday (50 points)
  • Refer Mind Fuel Nest to a Friend (275 points, see below for details) 

Rewards Program

How much are points worth? 

  • 150 points = $5 store credit
  • 275 points = $10 store credit
  • 600 points = $25 store credit


How Do I Spend My Points?

Once you’ve reached a certain amount of points, you can redeem them for store credit. When you redeem your points, you’ll receive a coupon code that you can apply at checkout during your next purchase.

Our system seamlessly tracks your points for you, making it easy for you to know how much you’ve earned and when you’ve earned enough to cash in your points for an exchangeable dollar amount.     

You can earn as many points as you want! There is no limit.


The Mindful Member Referral Program

Members also receive rewards when they share Mind Fuel Nest with friends.

Refer a Friend