Warrior Ring
Warrior inspirational ring
Warrior inspirational ring
Warrior inspirational ring

Warrior Adjustable Inspirational Sterling Silver Ring


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Life’s challenges, family commitments, demanding deadlines, endless projects and so much more! While nothing compares to our inner strength, sometimes we all need a little reminder to reinforce our zest for life. You are a warrior, and this ring serves as a positive reinforcement every day. Symbolic dandelion art to underscore its message of transience and the flow of energy in the right direction.

  • Inspirational ring
  • “Warrior”
  • Made of sterling silver with premium rhodium plating
  • Adjustable fit - suitable for ring sizes 7.5 – 10
  • Sold individually

About the Rhodium-Plated Sterling Silver: This exquisite piece is crafted from sterling silver, marked with a 925 stamp, and plated in rhodium. Rhodium is not only rare but also more valuable than gold, making it a highly sought-after metal. The rhodium plating not only boosts durability but also imparts a lustrous, oxidized finish, adding a touch of refined elegance.