I can and I will
I can i will inspirational ring
I can i will inspirational ring
I can i will inspirational ring

I Can & I Will Adjustable Inspirational Sterling Silver Ring


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“I can & I will.”

Each time you wear this ring is a promise you make to see your goals through. When you glance at its message, remind yourself to never give up! Symbolic dandelion art underscores its message of transience and the flow of energy in the right direction.

  • Inspirational ring
  • “I Can & I Will”
  • Made of sterling silver with premium rhodium plating
  • Adjustable fit - suitable for ring sizes 7.5–10
  • Sold individually

About the Rhodium-Plated Sterling Silver: This exquisite piece is crafted from sterling silver, marked with a 925 stamp, and plated in rhodium. Rhodium is not only rare but also more valuable than gold, making it a highly sought-after metal. The rhodium plating not only boosts durability but also imparts a lustrous, oxidized finish, adding a touch of refined elegance.